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     The realm of 3D is so vast these days.  I’ve always thought it be interesting to be a storyboard artist.  I think in the end that would be one of the most enjoyable careers for an artist because you get to move from scene to scene quickly fleshing out and directing the story.  As it stands now I’ll spend up to 2 weeks working on a multiple landscapes or characters simultaneously because I’m stretched pretty thin these days.  But even though I’m learning so much, I’m not able to dedicate as much time to the art aspect of my job as I would like.

I don’t mind posting these pictures up here because my company canned this project and we’re moving to a 2D approach.
This is a knight concept I had been developing.  I think the high poly version looks pretty decent, but the low poly looks awful.


And as always, here’s an art link:

The Florence Academy of Art




I’ve spent the past week attempting to promote a song I’ve entered into a contest. I just wish I had more time to polish it.  I want to create art all the time and I love playing music but I also don’t want to alienate my friends any further by pushing my promo’s on them.  I know it will take financial investment on my part to reach a broader audience but I should have spent more time on the quality of the audio.  

Meanwhile at work I’m making breakthroughs in my 3D development.  On the last project I worked on the quality of the terrain was undesirable at best.  But I’m learning new techniques all the time and it will only get better from here.


I know the same will happen with my music.  The unfortunate thing is that I’m not getting paid for the music.  But that’s not why I play.  I play because I enjoy it and really no other reason.  But I want to do more with music so I’m going to take everything I can from this experience and come back even stronger!

Here’s the video again.  Any critique is welcome!

Hello everyone,

This website portrays the works of Michael Licavoli.  So…  Who is Michael?

He is an aspiring key animation artist who graduated as valedictorian

from the University of Advancing technology with a B.A. in Virtual

Modeling and Design.  Michael is currently working as an assistant

language teacher in Japan in order support himself while creating an

epic series of graphic novels and animations that will knock the industry

off it’s hinges.  After gaining a true understanding of the industry while

working with Todd McFarlane on titles such as Spawn and the newly

released, Haunt; Michael knows it’s only a matter of time until he can

present his own stories to the world.

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