In this scene I’m attempting to portray a sleeping

warrior who is in a cryogenic state.  The warrior’s

ship is a living organism who’s roots are injected

directly into his blood-stream in order to provide



Alien Planet

This is scenery of an alien planet that

the hero of my artbook has been stranded on.

I was motivated to create  this piece

based upon matte painting techniques.

3D assets by Emmett Mathews.


The Gazebo

In this scene the main character stumbles into a

clearing where a marble gazebo lies.  The gazebo

was modeled in Maya by Emmett Mathews

so I could focus upon the painting aspects.


Parent Portrait

This is a portrait I did for my parents showing

that traditional artistic appeal can be achieved

through an all digital approach if necessary. The

final was printed using acrylics on a stretched canvas.


Fantasy Rain

This is a very simple piece that I created using

Corel Painter. I’m drawn to images that can

evoke emotion without convoluting the

canvas with unnecessary detail.


This is just an example of the type of industrial

concept work I am capable of producing.