It’s been far too long between posts. In fact, it’s far too long between non work related sketches. I’ve been speaking with some friends and many of us feel that we are withering away working at jobs that provide us with no fulfillment. I’ve found myself dwelling on work, finances, and the future and no time spent on the present. I used to sketch every day for fun and I had to draw something this this morning just to for myself and no one else. I’ve found myself in a field seemingly related to my interests, but my efforts are once again being abused and I feel no gratification in the progress I’ve made there.

If you feel like I do I wish to encourage you into action. In reference to today’s goals; perform do not plan, execute do not procrastinate, and as a wise one once said, do or do not…

Today’s art link, courtesy of my big sis Trina : Results-from-our-art-and-the-internet-survey-successful-internet-art-marketers


I’m now a married and gainfully employed man, so I guess I really don’t have an excuse not to be doing art anymore. I was in sort of a dark place for awhile there. My family, specifically my dad this time, seems to always be able to pull me out of it though. So here’s a sketch I threw together for my dad.


Hello Everyone,
I know many people are worried and praying for Japan at the moment.
I’m updating this page to assure you that I am safe and sound. Things
are pretty crazy and it will take time for Japan to restabilize. But I wish
to update you more with pictures and information when I get the chance.
God Bless.

Hello everybody!
Sooo, avid reader of my blog and good buddy Mike Stewart informed me that I haven’t been updating my stuff recently. This is true! I’ve been very busy watching many many tutorials and getting myself polished so I can tackle a job in either the Art, 3D, or animation industry. Their all pretty much connected these days, but you know what I mean My job is coming to an end in July so I must do something!
So, for those of you who do check out da blog and enjoy my rantings, I made you a special gift. Enjoy the pic.

Art link o’ the week. The Wormworldsaga!
This guy is pretty much my hero.

As always, my Sketchbook.
But, to be honest, I don’t plan on posting to that site anymore. I like the fact that my last post
is giant symbol with great depth behind it for to all those members who did nothing for me on those
forums. I may change my mind if I get some encouragement, but my fellow artists support my
decision to leave the site. One less thing to worry about.

I can’t think of a theme for this week. It’s 4 in the morning, but at least I worked on the new banner. I dig it. I wanted it to be much more intense, but the size restriction for the header makes it a bit difficult. I’ve had this concept in my head for a long time now. It’s like a fight against what stops me from doing art. So, I don’t want to fight art itself, just that which restricts me from doing it, which in the end is myself, and ultimately what I’m seeing instead of what’s actually there.
There’s a funny story behind the pic up top. Along various coastal points, Japanese people have been kidnapped right off the beaches by North Korean vessels. So, even though the picture is cute, it’s also necessary.
Art link o’ the week. Your Key to Infinity
You can see my whole sketch for the banner HERE.

Time time; my most affluent resource and most squandered commodity. Why oh why can’t I treat myself better? It’s as if there’s this golden opportunity to do amazing things, but I don’t utilize it. Because what’s the one thing people always use an excuse for not doing something??? You guessed it: time! There’s never enough of it, except for the people like me who have it. But wasting it is just so much more fun. Am I right?! I feel dirty, like I’m committing a sin as I watch the daylight fade to red through the closed curtains of my room. That’s right. Another day and I didn’t go outside once! This is a bad thing, I’m sure of it. But, I didn’t tell you about the past 2 days of adventuring and hiking and all about Japan going things I did. You’ve heard enough of that crap I’m sure! Dammit, I know there’s someone reading this who thinks I’m an awful braggart and a whore! But I assure you, I think the same thing!
Umm, on a side note. I created an experimental comic titled, Bachelor Buddha, for my senior thesis… I had been planning it’s creation since high school. Well, while I was busy researching the ethical and moral dilemma’s behind the creation of such a comic. Someone over in Japan went ahead and created it. My mind was absolutely blown. Same premise and everything. So, be careful who you share your ideas with and be sure to follow through from start to finish.
Art link o’ the week. Saint Young Men
As always, more sketches!

I’m back in Japan and things are ok an all. I made a few quick decision regarding my health and happiness and ultimately ended my job here in Japan as of July. I know I could stick it out here and pay off my loans. But the isolation is awful, the little things the board of education does is upsetting, and I’m not accomplishing what I set out to do here. Granted, I’m doing art and I’m writing, but dammit does it feel empty. We all want to have fulfillment in our lives right? I could have just crushed my future and now I’ may have to work 10 times as hard. But I won’t know until I try. Other than some short rants the only purpose of this blog will be to show you the pretty pictures.
Art link of the week : Cool 3D tutorial
And My Sketchbook

I’m getting out of here at least for about 3 weeks. I’m very excited to be home with my loved ones. It was funny, the other day I had a concerned friend calling whether or not I was going to return to Japan. Turns out, it’s pretty common for people to go back home for the holidays and never come back. Now, given certain circumstances I can see why this is very possible. But, unless something unbelievable occurs I’ll be returning to Japan.

But enough about that, I’m sure you want to here about Japan stuff. Well, I was in my first Kendo tournament the other weekend. It was pretty brutal to be honest. Many of these guys have been practicing their entire life and I’ve only been here for over 4 months now. Anyways, the first guy was accurate, fast, and deserved to win. The next guy looked like an alcoholic or something and I gave it my all. I wore him out because with one of his swings he fell forward on top of me. It was a draw after that, but they gave him the win. They’re trying to break me down or something so I can grow more later, but I could care less anymore. At the after party one of the younger guys told me it’s ok to have Kendo as my hobby, but my life and work should come first. This is because some of the guys in there are over the top with their dedication to the sport and they hold everyone to the same standard. So it made a lot of sense that I had never seen nearly 90% of the people there before that night. When I return I’ll be attending an actual structured Japanese class on Thursdays so I’ll be down to only one night a week. Well, that’s that. I’ve just been drawing and writing the rest of the time to be completely honest. I’m trying to save my money so I can really enjoy myself back home.
Art Link o’ the week High Rez Photos done right!
Courtesy of my pal Nick.
And as always, there’s new stuff in my sketchbook.

God Bless

Today I made one of the most difficult decisions of my life. I had a second chance to revise my contract and give myself a chance to end this job at the end of next July. What happened was I had dated the form wrong so they asked if I would resign it accurately. I have until February to make up my mind but I signed early because I was in horror at my debt. It really takes complete control of your life before you realize it. Anyways, I deliberated hard on this because I have been extremely depressed here and overwhelmed by it at times. I weighed the pros and cons and the cons, but the pros overtook me and I signed and dated again as of today. I thought I should take a chance to discuss this with my family over the holidays, but I know mom and dad would agree with this decision… I think when it comes down to it, I simply can’t take any risks until the first 2 years of payments are made on my loans. If I can accomplish that, then the loans will be completely in my name and the only one the banks will try to hound is me. Because my grandpa cosigned for me and now my grandma is alone after his death, there is no way I would ever risk what fragile sense of happiness might remain. I’m young, I can handle this. I miss the life that I use to have, but when it comes down to it, people move one. People change, situations are never the same. I feel like I’m already in my 50’s or something. Stress can be the worst demon to face. Anyways, on a more arbitrary note.

The other day I saw the most fantastic fall colors on this enormous tree. The tree is just down the street
next door to an abandoned temple and the setting was simply gorgeous. I was compelled to take a picture, but I was driving and just didn’t make the time. Well, shortly thereafter the leaves had fallen off the tree and it’s glory was gone. Then a few days later all of the branches from the tree were cut off. Now it’s just this disfigured thing and it left me intrigued. Intrigued because I wonder if the tree had known it was about to be dismembered and put forth it’s best effort for the last time. People always say animals have a sense for the weather and the tree are naturally designe to live with these changes. But us humans are the X-factor here restricted only by death, so I doubt it could have predicted it’s demise. I’m pretty sure the only reason they chopped it down was because the neighbors probably didn’t want to clean up the leaves. Plus, the temple is uninhabited these days so who cares, right. (Is what I’m sure they were thinking) It’s just sort of sad. Dad always said to to stop and smell the roses. Believe me, the man leads by example too! I tried that once here at the Board of Education, but I think the flowers may have been fake, because I smelt nothing and probably looked like a jackass. At least I tried.

Here’s the art link o’ the week: Jot Down…

Today my local art club met at a famous waterfall here for the fall colors. These artists are incredibly talented and even though I can’t understand everything because of the language barrier, I learned an incredible amount today. This is also because it was very first time painting with oil. Then again anyone that sat down and worked on a painting for 6 hours would learn a lot too. If you scroll through this blog you can find the painting of the vase created by the lady who’s mentoring me.

This is Sogi Waterfall. It’s supposed to be the Niagra falls of Kyushu. It’s not even famous throughout all of Japan. But at least it’s a pretty spot to paint. That being said, today was ridiculous amount of tourists were visiting and they kept buggin me with questions. However, it was completely worth it because there was a handful of kids who were exited about art and really enjoyed watching the process. They didn’t need to know it was my first time. 😛

Anyways, here is the painting. Feel free to leave critique. I have a whole month or so to put in the fine details. We’ll see if I can even get back around to that with all the other stuff keeping me busy. I’m aging rapidly…
Here is the art link of the week. RUANJIA
The link is glitchy, but the work in inspiring!