Hello everyone,

This website portrays the works of Michael Licavoli. So… Who is Michael?

I’m a working artist who graduated as valedictorian from the

University of Advancing technology with a B.A. in Virtual Modeling

and Design. Until recently I was working as an assistant language

teacher in Japan in order support myself while gathering reference

and inspiration for future planned graphic novels and animations.

After gaining a true understanding of the industry while working with

Todd McFarlane on titles such as Spawn and the newly released Haunt, I

knows it's only a matter of time until I can present my own stories

to the world. As of late I’m working as a 3D Animator for BAE systems and

improving on my craft every day.

So! If your a like minded individual or support entrepreneurs, then please

give this site a glance and keep an eye out for what is to come!

Please browse the pages above to view all the content available on

this site. Also, please note not all works can be displayed here

due to NDA’s.

There is also a link to my sketchbook site on the bottom of this

page as well.