It’s been far too long between posts. In fact, it’s far too long between non work related sketches. I’ve been speaking with some friends and many of us feel that we are withering away working at jobs that provide us with no fulfillment. I’ve found myself dwelling on work, finances, and the future and no time spent on the present. I used to sketch every day for fun and I had to draw something this this morning just to for myself and no one else. I’ve found myself in a field seemingly related to my interests, but my efforts are once again being abused and I feel no gratification in the progress I’ve made there.

If you feel like I do I wish to encourage you into action. In reference to today’s goals; perform do not plan, execute do not procrastinate, and as a wise one once said, do or do not…

Today’s art link, courtesy of my big sis Trina : Results-from-our-art-and-the-internet-survey-successful-internet-art-marketers