Hello everybody!
Sooo, avid reader of my blog and good buddy Mike Stewart informed me that I haven’t been updating my stuff recently. This is true! I’ve been very busy watching many many tutorials and getting myself polished so I can tackle a job in either the Art, 3D, or animation industry. Their all pretty much connected these days, but you know what I mean My job is coming to an end in July so I must do something!
So, for those of you who do check out da blog and enjoy my rantings, I made you a special gift. Enjoy the pic.

Art link o’ the week. The Wormworldsaga!
This guy is pretty much my hero.

As always, my Sketchbook.
But, to be honest, I don’t plan on posting to that site anymore. I like the fact that my last post
is giant symbol with great depth behind it for to all those members who did nothing for me on those
forums. I may change my mind if I get some encouragement, but my fellow artists support my
decision to leave the site. One less thing to worry about.