Time time; my most affluent resource and most squandered commodity. Why oh why can’t I treat myself better? It’s as if there’s this golden opportunity to do amazing things, but I don’t utilize it. Because what’s the one thing people always use an excuse for not doing something??? You guessed it: time! There’s never enough of it, except for the people like me who have it. But wasting it is just so much more fun. Am I right?! I feel dirty, like I’m committing a sin as I watch the daylight fade to red through the closed curtains of my room. That’s right. Another day and I didn’t go outside once! This is a bad thing, I’m sure of it. But, I didn’t tell you about the past 2 days of adventuring and hiking and all about Japan going things I did. You’ve heard enough of that crap I’m sure! Dammit, I know there’s someone reading this who thinks I’m an awful braggart and a whore! But I assure you, I think the same thing!
Umm, on a side note. I created an experimental comic titled, Bachelor Buddha, for my senior thesis… I had been planning it’s creation since high school. Well, while I was busy researching the ethical and moral dilemma’s behind the creation of such a comic. Someone over in Japan went ahead and created it. My mind was absolutely blown. Same premise and everything. So, be careful who you share your ideas with and be sure to follow through from start to finish.
Art link o’ the week. Saint Young Men
As always, more sketches!