I’m getting out of here at least for about 3 weeks. I’m very excited to be home with my loved ones. It was funny, the other day I had a concerned friend calling whether or not I was going to return to Japan. Turns out, it’s pretty common for people to go back home for the holidays and never come back. Now, given certain circumstances I can see why this is very possible. But, unless something unbelievable occurs I’ll be returning to Japan.

But enough about that, I’m sure you want to here about Japan stuff. Well, I was in my first Kendo tournament the other weekend. It was pretty brutal to be honest. Many of these guys have been practicing their entire life and I’ve only been here for over 4 months now. Anyways, the first guy was accurate, fast, and deserved to win. The next guy looked like an alcoholic or something and I gave it my all. I wore him out because with one of his swings he fell forward on top of me. It was a draw after that, but they gave him the win. They’re trying to break me down or something so I can grow more later, but I could care less anymore. At the after party one of the younger guys told me it’s ok to have Kendo as my hobby, but my life and work should come first. This is because some of the guys in there are over the top with their dedication to the sport and they hold everyone to the same standard. So it made a lot of sense that I had never seen nearly 90% of the people there before that night. When I return I’ll be attending an actual structured Japanese class on Thursdays so I’ll be down to only one night a week. Well, that’s that. I’ve just been drawing and writing the rest of the time to be completely honest. I’m trying to save my money so I can really enjoy myself back home.
Art Link o’ the week High Rez Photos done right!
Courtesy of my pal Nick.
And as always, there’s new stuff in my sketchbook.

God Bless