Today my local art club met at a famous waterfall here for the fall colors. These artists are incredibly talented and even though I can’t understand everything because of the language barrier, I learned an incredible amount today. This is also because it was very first time painting with oil. Then again anyone that sat down and worked on a painting for 6 hours would learn a lot too. If you scroll through this blog you can find the painting of the vase created by the lady who’s mentoring me.

This is Sogi Waterfall. It’s supposed to be the Niagra falls of Kyushu. It’s not even famous throughout all of Japan. But at least it’s a pretty spot to paint. That being said, today was ridiculous amount of tourists were visiting and they kept buggin me with questions. However, it was completely worth it because there was a handful of kids who were exited about art and really enjoyed watching the process. They didn’t need to know it was my first time. 😛

Anyways, here is the painting. Feel free to leave critique. I have a whole month or so to put in the fine details. We’ll see if I can even get back around to that with all the other stuff keeping me busy. I’m aging rapidly…
Here is the art link of the week. RUANJIA
The link is glitchy, but the work in inspiring!