It’s that time again. Everyone’s getting exited for Thanksgiving dinner and getting together with family and friends. Well, you know where I’ll be?! Working… They schedule a work seminar on Nov. 24th and 25th! It’s ridiculous. I had originally intended to do a skype thing with the family where at least I was visible through a laptop. I still probably can because of the time difference, but it will be a pain. Any occasion to be with family is important to me. That’s just the way we were raised. Anyways. I really hope you all enjoy it. Being in a foreign country so long really makes you appreciate the comforts of home. Not for everyone though. I talk to other teachers here who are planning their trips to Thailand and Cambodia without missing America in the least. I’ve had my moments of anger with our country for sure. But America is a pretty damn cool place. Just hope we can manage to iron out all the bumps one of these days.

Enough of that patriotic crap. I watched the new Harry Potter on Saturday and I must say, I’m impressed. Here’s why!~ For a series that started out so innocent and so appealing to the younger generation, they’ve salvaged what damage they’ve done and managed to stay true to the authors vision. There are some very dark scenes in the film that children should not see and it’s great. There have been some ups and downs in the beginning while they switched out various directors. I was very upset at first when they split the last film into two parts considering it wasn’t even the longest of the series. But, with what they’ve done I’m very exited for the last movie next summer. If you really take a look at it from a non-biased stance you will see this series is a unique endeavor within cinema. We’ve actually grown alongside these actors for years now, and the capabilities within cinematography have grown along the way as well.