So I’ve been pretty sick recently. I’ve missed out on an entire weekend of local events, but I kept myself busy with art. I’m pretty much finished with this piece. I’ll be posting a huge article on pretty soon about the intricacies of being an art director on a small scale project. I began this project at the end of last year and do to some pretty life altering circumstances (moving out of country), I’ve had to postpone it’s completion for some time. Also, I’ll admit it, I missed my own deadline… “Doh”! But it was definitely a learning process that I’m very exited to share with fellow artists. But, I’m displeased with the end result, meaning, back to the drawing board.

But there is some phenomenal art I would like to share with anime fans.

First is – Seirei no moribito – (Guardian of the sacred spirit)

This anime is one of my recent favorites because of it’s attention to detail, beautiful landscapes, and intriguing story line. The artwork is reminiscent to that of Miyazaki’s Princess Mononoke. Enough said.

Next is – isekai no monogatari怀ļ¼ć€€(roughly, Saint machine master narrative from another world)

Some of the most consistent and phenomenal artwork and animation I’ve seen in a long time. However, lame plot and overuse of fan service abound. A good template for what’s possible with modern animation.