I had a very interesting weekend. I met with a group of fellow JET’s on the southern peninsula of Kyushu. I thought I was the only not enjoying my time here, but even the people right on the beach are not happy here. Homesickness is an awful thing. The stress and anxiety can make people do and say really awful things. However, when I returned from Tokyo during high school I had the opposite experience. I was so distraught being back in the states that I just broke down for awhile.

It’s very interesting how some people deal with stress. Talking with fellow artists it seems as if we all turned to our craft when times were at there worst. This doesn’t guarantee that the work produced during this time will be any good, but the release is one way to deal with it. Later we can reflect on that time frame through the work and actually make even greater progress because of it.

As far as the title of this post… If any of you have played Secret of Mana or Legend of Mana, then perhaps you know. But from the unique shape of this tree I’m convinced it is what was used for reference for these games. This tree has the largest trunk in all of Japan and it was enshrined beautifully. I hope you enjoy.

Art link of the week: The Mana Tree