Tonight was an incredibly great night for Kendo. I had bailed on class last week because I simply didn’t feel like going. Also, my motivation for art has spiked recently, so I wanted to capitalize on the fleeting inspiration.
Anyways, I’ve arranged it so I have Kendo immediately after my eikaiwa (English conversation course). So, my Tuesday is completely full and I really dread it over the weekend. It was raining so i assumed class would be canceled. But, I showed up just as the main instructor was leaving. He said he had an errand to run at work. He’s an official at the government office, so I’m sure he even has stuff to do at 8 at night. So it was just the sub instructor and I.
The sub instructor is a young, fit, and intimidatingly talented. At first I was in shock and unsure about the whole thing. But I had a one on one lesson with the man and it was incredible. He really pushes me the way a gifted teacher should. Later on the main instructor returned and he monitored our bout. Even though the sub instructor was pleased with my improvement, the lead instructor could always find something else wrong. But, he was right on the nose about where I was wrong.
The main instructor looks to be in his 50’s but he is a friggan rock and his form is flawless. It seems my area is a haven for the gifted because both my instructors were renowned athletes in their youth. Also, I’m extremely lucky because they have me practice in the teachers club. So, all the other Kendo instructors from the area get together in my town twice a week and are treating me like a personal side project.
So even though I didn’t want to go, I’m really glad I did. Now I just need to apply this to my art and all will be well.