Hello everyone,
I’ve been going through some crazy personal crisis. Pretty much, if you’re family then you know type of thing. I just about lost it completely, but luckily I had spent some money on Skype credit and was able to call home directly. Thank you Pete for be awake and telling me like it is man.

So, I got exactly what I asked for. It’s really funny, that damn expression be careful what you wish for is just twisted. I’m completely alone over here and the company that I choose to keep really have nothing in common with me. Dad spotted something peculiar about my train of thought awhile ago and told me I would end up like him, lonely. Perhaps I don’t have access to the ceaseless well of knowledge he has, but I definitely view the world from a skewed perspective, that’s for sure. This train of thought began to twist itself in on me, probably because I have no one else to throw it at.

I seriously used to have a superiority complex. It helped me get through rough times and even earned me friends, as twisted as that seems. Granted, I let my guard down for my loved ones, but I was a jerk most of the time. I really enjoyed it though, I wasn’t afraid to speak my mind. Being alone so often I feel as if my personality is diminishing. I need to go back to being a sociopath! That helped me deal with my current predicament far better than second guessing myself. Ack, sorry for the random post…

Here’s the art post of the week. Big thanks to my bud Kevin Rosebrook for this one:
Greg Manchess: Journey man