I’ll start off with a cooky Japan thing for ya then move on to more serious matters. Here’s a bunch of super tiny fish that are mixed in with my rice in the school lunch! You may or may night like them, I think they taste like bacon, and their full of calcium!

Anyways, here in a few weeks I start my oil painting class. I’m very exited because a renowned oil painter just happens to visit our conversation courses here in Satsuma. At first I wasn’t sure how enthused she was about me joining with her in art study. However, after this past weekend when we all visited their art viewing in a gallery in a neighboring town, she’s exited too! I’m the youngest person in the class. I believe the other youngest person is in their 50’s lol.

It doesn’t bother me. As you can see the quality of the work is phenomenal. I really hope they help push me to the next level! I don’t have that much time to work on art in my spare time, but luckily for me the class meets once per month. That’s also because these people work on large scale paintings. I’ll be starting out small, but that’s fine by me. I never had the desire to become a fine artist, but after meeting with my buddies in the concept art club in college I’ve come to further appreciate why the masters of any art medium all study the works of the masters before. Foundations are Fundamental! Thanks Kev.

Anyways, I’ve also been really wanting to try art every since an encounter with my talented cousin Sam Licavoli. He’s most well known for his snow sculpting, but he’s an all around artist. He asked me, “Mike, have you ever painted with oils before?” I said, “No.” He replied, “It’s liberating…” I’m leaving out many details, but this conversation left me wanting, so here goes nothin!

Art link o’ da week: CGhub

An absolutely fantastic site my buddy Andy introduced me too awhile back.