Yes, he works in mysterious ways…

I traveled to the small island of Shinkamigoto to visit my friends who so graciously let me crash at their place for a few days. While I enjoy visiting with others, I spent most of my time exploring the island and enjoying my life. That’s what my topic of the day will be.

Why oh why do we spend so much time worrying about the judgment of others when their ability to do so is merely an abused gift? If there’s something in your life that brings you joy, say reading in my case, then why should you care whether or not others share you enthusiasm for it? While it’s great to find the occasional person that shares your interest, it’s really not all that mandatory because the true satisfaction comes from within once you’ve discovered the source on an individual basis.

So, even though I’ve been more alone than I’ve ever been in my entire life and ripped and pulled at the mental seems, I’ve been coming to terms with it and accepting unforeseen joys that come with it. Then again, I’m never truly alone and that was ever apparent as I was led to places I would have never found otherwise.