I’m going to attempt to manage and update this as a blog from here on out. I’ll be updating photos and just getting my experiences out so I won’t forget them. I guess we all have to start somewhere.

Today I just drove at random following the signs for Lake Imuta. I got lost multiple times, but it was fantastic and really pulled me out of my funk. I’m going to start taking a stand and do exactly what I want to do with out thinking so much of the consequences. I’m constantly weighed down by what if’s, and the stress of that train of thought isn’t worth it.

Anyways, I made multiple exits reading signs that said Imuta in Hirigana, but they ultimately led me to dead ends and rice paddies. However, I did see some fantastic sunsets as a result of this and I tried to capture them with my ghetto camera. When I finally arrived at the lake it was just past sunset and it was gorgeous to behold. Lake Imuta is also home to the world’s largest water wheel, so that was really interesting to stumble upon as well. There are also dragon carvings all over this place, so it was definitely amazing for me.

Also, here’s the art link of the week. Can’t promise I’ll always have one though, hehe.