Hello everyone,

This website portrays the works of Michael Licavoli.  So…  Who is Michael?

He is an aspiring key animation artist who graduated as valedictorian

from the University of Advancing technology with a B.A. in Virtual

Modeling and Design.  Michael is currently working as an assistant

language teacher in Japan in order support himself while creating an

epic series of graphic novels and animations that will knock the industry

off it’s hinges.  After gaining a true understanding of the industry while

working with Todd McFarlane on titles such as Spawn and the newly

released, Haunt; Michael knows it’s only a matter of time until he can

present his own stories to the world.

So!  If your a like minded individual or support entrepreneurs, then please

give this site a glance and keep an eye out for what is to come!

Please browse the pages above to view all the content

available on this site.

There are links to my sketchbook and old portfolio site on the bottom of this

page as well.